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Strange behaviour after spaying

Posted on 19 May, 2014 at 3:40 Comments comments (28279)

Finally, we have our herd of animals spayed/castrated! The ones we had spayed were: Georgie, Gizzy, Patch, Pip & Pop - all are cats, then Peppa our dog and the only one to be castrated was Ginge - our big (yes, ginger) cat.

The first lot: Georgie, Gizzy, Patch and Ginge went first and they all came out fine, no complications with the op or with the after care and no difference in behaviour from any of them either.

Then it was Peppas' turn (which I've blogged about previously) and again, her op went smoothly as did her after care, except that was a little tricky keeping a large(ish), extremely boundy dog, nice and calm on the lead! However we found her behaviour completely changed! She basically started acting like a rebellious teenager! She stopped listening to commands, started begging for food, wouldn't come back to call whilst out on the walk - she became a very rude dog in fact! :mad: She had 'forgotten' or more like completely disregarded pretty much everything we had been working so hard on her with. This was the first time I had heard about behaviour of an animal changing after this type of operation so I immediately thought 'Great, all of our hard work down the drain' but thankfully (!) this behaviour lasted between two weeks - a month, possibly a little longer, but we have our Peppa back now :)

The last group to go in was our rescued pair of black cats, Pip & Pop. Pip is a teeny tiny cat who hasn't got the ability to speak (so instead of meowing, she lets us know she's present by scratching non-stop at the door!) she is an incredibly affectionate cat. Then we have Pop, she's the bigger of the two - and yes, she can speak! Her behaviour has always been different compared to the others because she much prefers her own company, she keeps herself occupied by playing with random objects on the floor (drinking straws are her favourite at the moment!) and she always stays in - never ever asks to go out. However, Since having her op, she has completely changed! She now cannot wait to go out in the morning and is sometimes one of the last ones in at night, she has hissed a couple of times which she never done before! Perhaps having to go out in the cat carrier to the vets a few times may of upset her a little :( We will just have to wait and see if her behaviour settles down :/ either way, we'll still love her!

Although a couple of our animals showed a change in behaviour, I am still very glad we got them spayed/castrated because not only does it stop any unwanted pregnancies which could then lead onto more cats and dogs in shelters but it also significantly reduces the risk of the types of cancers associated with that area which inturn will hopefully leave my animals and I in a happy, uncompromising position :D So make sure you do your bit for not only your pet but for the whole cat/dog/rabbit community by acting responsibly - if you need any financial assistance with the cost of the procedure, there are many organisations and vets who support such schemes, or feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction :P


Peppa's first ever dog show!

Posted on 14 April, 2014 at 11:55 Comments comments (19463)

We decided to take Peppa into her first ever class at the 'All About Dogs' dog show held at the Newbury Showground yesterday (Sunday 13th April).

We saw sooo many dogs of different breeds, colours, sizes and shapes! To be honest, we thought she was going to pull our arms off and be an absolute nightmare (!) but she certainly proved us wrong! We could not of asked anything more from her! She was fantastic :D 

Before we even got into the show ring we felt like winners purely because of how she behaved throughout the day. She is a wonderfully loving, caring and happy dog but incredibly boundy which just cannot be contained sometimes especially when she's in 'the zone'! However walking through all the crowds, stalls, people and children she could have easily bulldozed her way through everything and everyone but she was so calm and listened to everything we were asking of her which makes her an absolute star in our eyes :) It has been something we have been working very hard on the last few months!

If you have ever taken on a rescue dog who has needed months and months of training, just to do the most basic things - things you would think would come naturally to a dog, then you could probably understand the euphoria we felt during the whole day!

Anyway, about the actual show..........

So we only entered Peppa into one class (because we didn't want to overwhelm her with it being her first show and all) and it was 'Best Crossbreed Rescue Dog' as she is a cross between a Staffordshire Bull Terrior and a Bull Mastiff - so she's a strong girl!!

The class was rather large, approximately 30 competitors so it was split into 2 groups - we had the male judge. When he called us out, I expected Peppa to run and jump on him or something but she couldn't of been any less interested! She wanted to sniff every blade of grass she could find instead! We spoke about Peppa and her background for a short while then it was the dreaded time to perform 'the run'! To be honest, she had only just started accepting the lead about 2 weeks beforehand, so asking her to run on the lead nicely, hopefully without tripping me up was certainly a new ask! We managed a short run with Peppa jumping up and biting the lead on the way back (!) but nether the less, we didn't fall *big thumbs up*!!

We weren't placed anywhere however as I said earlier, she is a winner in our hearts and we both did our best and that is all you can ask :)

Oh yes, Peppa also had a little cheeky go at the hurdle recall, whereby the owners stand at the opposite end of the track to their dog and then call their dog who are then timed. When we were ready Peppa was released and my goodness she flew!! I think she surprised the spectators too, judging by the gasps they made! She wasn't the fastest but her time was still something to be proud of, standing at 5.57 seconds!

We had such a great day at the show and will definately be going again! :P

Peppa's progress

Posted on 1 April, 2014 at 5:20 Comments comments (4120)

Peppa had a routine check-up the Friday just gone (28/03/2014) to have a look at how well she is healing from her op and the vet said she is healing beautifully! 

We were first told she wouldn't be allowed off the lead for two whole weeks (!) but she was given the go ahead to be let off on the 10th day after her op - a relief to us and her! We've not taken her swimming just yet though.....maybe in the next week or so because she so deserves it :P 

We have been sensible with her exercise anyway by giving her short walks, not throwing sticks too far, not allowing her to jump up/too high - all of which seem to be paying off            *thumbs up* !!

Well done Peppa Pooch!! :D

What a day!

Posted on 20 March, 2014 at 6:25 Comments comments (8338)

Yesterday (19/03/2014) was most certainly an eventful day for our family!

It actually started on the Wednesday (the day before) because our smallest black cat (Pip) decided to follow us to school when going to collect our eldest daughter; thankfully she didn't attempt to cross the busy road that lyed between where she was and the rest of the route! We thought she would toddle off back home so didn't think anything more of it. We went for a walk around the Thatcham Discovery Centre lakes and then made our way home; hours and hours past and there was still no Pip! We went to where we last saw her, a number of times but there was just no sign of her  :( 

The next day, Thursday 19th March (2014) after our eldest daughter was dropped off to school, we walked down the alley again but this time we were armed with a big box of cat food!! We called her name and shook the cat food but still nothing, we walked up and down and was just about to leave the area but we had a little glance into the garden where we last saw her and who sprang out of nowhere?!!? PIP!! :D We were ecstatic!! Thankfully the lady who lived in the house she stayed at, was lovely and certainly looked after Pip for the night by giving her gammon!! We held her nice and tight because she was very scared of the traffic and managed to hold her all the way home where she had a quick bite to eat but wanted to go out again soon after!

Then the other part of our day involved our dog Peppa who went into the vets to be spayed! It was organised all so very quickly and it wasn't known whether she was able to have it done due to the possibility of her starting another season however she was all good to go so we had to pop her in the kennel and say our goodbyes and wished her goodluck!

My partner (Simon) phoned up at about 12:30 to see how Peppa was getting on and she was already ready to come home! The op was a complete success! :D We were so very relieved as I'm sure all pet owners would be! We went and picked her up and bless her she was walking as if she was drunk!

The next couple of weeks are going to be difficult because she now needs to be kept on the lead with no running, no swimming, no jumping - everything Peppa loves to do. It will all be worth it in the end though :)

Up-dates will be given on her progress so don't forget to check back!