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West Barks Pet Services

6* Care When You're Not There


1.     Where will my dog be walked?

Your dog(s) will enjoy a variety of walks all around the West Berkshire area; along commons, canals, amongst woodlands, in open fields or if you prefer your dog to go on a more familiar walk to the local park then of course, we would be more than happy to do this.

2.     How is my dog transported?

If you would like your dog walked in the more remote areas (commons, canals, woodlands) then it is our duty to ensure he/she is transported safely. We do this by using a mixture of doggie seatbelts, carriers, cages and a dog guard; we would discuss which options are suitable or most preferred by your dog during the initial consultation.

3.     What does your insurance cover?

  • Walking up to 6 dogs at one time
  • Pet sitting in your own home
  • Transporting your pet in one of our vehicles
  • House sitting
  • Public liability of up to £10,000,000
  • Loss of keys up to £12,000

When we are asked to carry out an unusual task or something new to us, we will always discuss this with our insurers first to make sure we are fully covered - if our insurance is unable to cover us, we would regrettably have to decline the offer.

4.      Do you work weekends/bank holidays?

Yes we do.

5.      What happens after I contact you?

We will take a note of your name, address, contact details, services needed and when; we will also arrange a time and date with you for an initial consultation (all very informal, so don't worry!)

During the consultation we will learn about your pet(s) and we will want to know their likes, dislikes, medicines, toileting habits, feeding routines, command words, any 'abnormal' behaviour that is actually normal for them and basically anything else you would like to share with us!

We will leave an information pack with you, allowing you to browse through it at your own leisure.

An information pack includes: Booking forms, Terms and Conditions, Current Price List and a Service Agreement alongside other pieces of (hopefully) useful information.

If you are happy to make a booking there and then, you are more than welcome to do so; a 30% deposit is needed to confirm a booking which will need to be paid upfront.

6.     During a house sit, who provides the food?

We provide all of our food so there's no need to guess what we might like!

7.     How is my personal data handled?

Once we have gathered the necessary information from you, it will be stored away in locked filing cabinets until a time when it is needed. When our last service has been carried out, your information will be kept for 3 months or as long as needed for tax purposes; after which it will be shredded and disposed of.

Is there a question you still need answering? If so, go ahead and contact us - we will be more than happy to answer them.