West Barks Pet Services

6* Care When You're Not There

Our Community and the Environment

We love our community and are always looking at different ways to improve and help our local area and the environment: 

Poop bags

After some research, we found that although biodegradable poo bags are a good step in the right direction (breaking down in a couple of years or so - the evidence for this differs so do your own research!) we felt it was important to use a product that had the least impact on the environment. 

We found poo bags that are made from cornstarch, which are 100% biodegradable and therefore leave zero waste in the environment which is what we love (!) and have since promoted them to our clients too.

Being a Dementia Friend

We wanted to understand more about this condition in order to help those we may come across either as a stranger or a client.

We found the Dementia Friend initiative and completed it to become a proud Dementia Friend.

Litter Picking

We are out every day in the rural parts of our area and often come across unsightly patches of litter like the one shown on the left (used for illustrative purposes).

When we do come across them - we try to dispose of the rubbish as efficiently as possible leaving the area cleaner, presentable and with far fewer hazards for wildlife to encounter.